FAU 9036 and 10610

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FAU 9036 and 10610

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I have F. A. Uebel clarinets with serial numbers 9036 and 10610. Both are B-flat clarinets, and both await restoration (are not now playable).

My question is: I notice several what appear to be significant differences in their design. This seems unusual for such a short span between serial numbers. Most noticeably, the older clarinet (with lower serial number) has a shorter bottom joint (and shorter bell). The newer instrument is noticeably longer in the lower joint and bell. Also there are several differences in keywork (completely separate keys for G# and A on upper joint, differences in longest keys on bottom joint).

Perhaps I will post a photo.

Thank you.

Dr. Enrico Weller
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Re: FAU 9036 and 10610

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Hello Bill,

photos would be really good. But that has time, because in the next few weeks many participants of our forum have their vacation.


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Re: FAU 9036 and 10610

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Hello, Bill,

photos would be helpfull - difficult to comment the instruments without.

Best regards from France


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Re: FAU 9036 and 10610

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