who was this violin maker?

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who was this violin maker?

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Hello Experts!
Here are some questions from Sweden:
I have a violin with a Joseph Guarneri label, but inside the top is a handwritten signature: Albin Roth M.Neukirchen 11 Nov 1889.
The violin seems to be very well crafted by a good maker and have been played by a good swedish fiddler in early 1900.
I have been searching for the name Albin Roth with no result, so can you please help me with that?!
I have another violin also played by a folk music fiddler long in the early 1900.
This second violin (Hopf Model) has a label: Johann Christoph Merz jun. in Klingenthal bei Adorf im Voigtlande Anno 1809 or 1829.
I just wonder who was that maker?
I am looking forward to your answer and I THANK YOU in advance!
Best Regards
Anders Gill